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Day 126: The Biology of Belief

“…A genuine revolution in thought and understanding, one so radical that it can change the world.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

I had the pleasure and honor of chatting on my radio show with Bruce Lipton, Phd who is a professor of biology, researcher and recognized leader in the new biological sciences called epigenetics. His work serves as a doorway to the emerging understanding that all of our scientific inquiry is being altered by the field of quantum physics. Epigenetics essentially reorders everything we once believed to be true about how genes both determine and control our lives and destiny.

In actuality, the genes and the community of trillions of cells that we are composed of, are created by the environment or more precisely, our perception of reality. This recognition of the power of the observer over life events and outcomes is being recorded not just in biological sciences, but in physics and chemistry as well. Our presence and thought processes impact the world directly. Our thoughts and very presence affects the outcome of our circumstances, perhaps more than the circumstances themselves.

I have been fascinated by this new science since starting the positivity quest, but today I was even more invested after receiving the reports on some recent blood work that showed me deficient in blood cells, both red and white. I could easily account for the anemia with recent peri-menopausal extended bleeding time, but the deficient white cell count is more disconcerting. Just a quick glance through the Web MD sites only gave rise to more concern. I quickly abandoned the research tact and decided to go inwards and see if I can use the biology of belief to my advantage.

After calling in all my resources for natural and nutritional fixes, I thought about what Bruce told me today. Our consciousness accounts for only 5% of our brain matter, our subconscious accounts for 95%. The subconscious is largely a play and record function, that largely was programmed in our first 6 years of life. I think the problem with human culture is clearly illuminated here.

Getting our brain into the slower, deeper rhythms of processing is where those programs are most malleable. I credit my daily meditation practice with the big shifts I have been able to make in my own life. But this is a growing field and Bruce collected a wide range of available resources to help us wake up and choose the programming controlling our health, relationships and happiness. 

Now this positivity quest challenge isn’t just about changing my mind, it will be about changing my body, or at least my blood.