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Day 127: We Are Loved

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved — loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” -Victor Hugo

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is the true state of things underneath all the layers that block our view. Interpersonal relationships are often the grounds around which people base their experience of loving. This is difficult because the nature of human relationships is so changeable and transient. Measuring our experience of love in this context can be discouraging as the learning curve on communication and compassion is steep in most intimate relationships. In family life, with multiple relationships spinning around you at the same time, harmonious connection is the goal not the norm. It is easy to lose your center in the midst of human love relationships.

Since starting the positivity quest, my relationship with the transpersonal has become a more stable guide. The practice of mindfulness becomes more ingrained with time. I would rather meditate than sleep in the morning now because I know that meditation brings a deeper rest and on some lucky days I can discern a small voice that is me, but isn’t that reminds me that I am loved. I can’t find that place when I go in looking for it, but when I can honestly turn to the place in me that is lost, when I can shine my own light of recognition on losing sight of my dreams, there is a voice, always with the same message: You are loved.

For me, the transpersonal stabilizes the interpersonal work of love. I am over the idea that loving is a feeling, I know it is a choice that I make with my family and friends. Still there are moments when things stack up and the choice is harder to come by, I don’t feel seen or recognized for my efforts, I am sad or discouraged and no one notices. This is when the transpersonal love that I can hear deep inside myself is clearly the voice I am looking for.

I am filled with gratitude for hearing it today not just once, but twice. My dreams feel as real as the bed I am laying in. This is as positive as it gets.