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Day 15: System Reset and Maintenance

couple-kissing-lg-17493760The system reset button can be found in the center of an orgasm. It is a mysterious cascade of chemicals and reactions that are energetic but also biological. Think of the lucky among us who were conceived in the power of that center. I had several children arrive from the event. For many years my sex drive was often wrapped in my drive to procreate. The sex took a wild leap the year that I had two gold rings clamped around my fallopian tubes. As we settled into permanent contraception, something relaxed and the sex got adventurous.

I am overcome when I flash back to all the years ago that I first made love to my husband. Over 27 years of loving the same man and instead of becoming stale, the intimacy comes alive in deeper and deeper places. The ripples that reverberate through muscles and nerve endings in the build up and final release cycle of orgasms strikes a new balance between mind and body.

I am guessing you might have an idea on what’s on my mind on a Friday night. I count my lucky stars and feel some of the deepest gratitude in my body when I experience the deep physical love of my husband. I have been sharing a bed with him since I was 20. I started Good Clean Love to reignite the spark in our sex life . I would have to say with all objectivity that my love products have made a difference. My body desserts and love oils are the butters and sauces of a love connoisseur like love sauces and butters if you think of making love as a kind of epicurean art .

There is no better way to maintain your system than by regular tune-ups in the bedroom. Release into the full physical weight of living in a body and better still in the arms of someone who actually loves you is a good way to maintain a living and loving system. Remembering and celebrating how to love and experience pleasure with someone is the way to keep the engines of life humming.

Positivity ratio is high.