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Day 313: If Not Fun, Then Simplicity

“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

Funny how just deciding to have more fun, to relax into the game of it all for only one day has been like a system re-boot. It is almost magical how giving up the need to get it done transforms anxious urgency into a steadfast rhythm, seemingly without effort. At least this is how the day unrolled for me- the more I was focused on the fun element, or at the very least just seeing it as a game, the more the pieces found their own places.

Today was the first day in a while that felt productive, which is the irony of it all. The more we move toward simplicity and repose in how we create, the more productive we are. I know I have learned this before and felt this space of ease that just let things happen; still it feels like a discovery. This is a clear sign of growing up and into oneself.

Today in a conversation with a life coach that I came across in my publishing/networking I realized again that the messy, lost feelings that seem to dominate many life transitions are actually symptoms of moving in the direction you had intended all along. I suppose it is natural that it is easier for people on the outside to see the plans your have been holding close to the heart unfolding.

I have had many lucid moments that felt almost like a dream, where it seemed impossible that things could be working so easily and so joyfully on behalf of my deepest aspirations. Then before I know what happened,  the seriousness of it all blankets the scene. The wonder of realizing your dreams is replaced by a litany of minor details that all add up to somehow it couldn’t possibly all come together.

Off and running down the familiar route of trying to make it all happen myself, I lose touch with the fact that the world is conspiring to make me happy. I  forget to laugh. Full circle. The cure may well be some regularly scheduled fun breaks that everyone must oblige. On the days when fun is simply out of the question, then simplicity and repose are equal substitutes.

Still, now I am dedicated to five minutes of laughter…