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Day 34: When Dreams Become Reality

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” -Buddha

Today I launched my own radio show. This is a dream that I have had for several years, but only this year felt like I could actually approach it. The interesting thing was that once I decided to move ahead with it, once there was no more doubt in me, the reality of the show materialized in no time. It was shockingly easy, all I needed to make it happen was the decision and a cheap headset.

The first Lunch with the Loveologist show featured Tina Tessina, a woman as devoted to love and relationships as I am. I have networked with her about writing for my site and the conversation with her was full of insight and great ideas. The hour flew by. As I sat at my desk chatting away into my headset, it hit me that here I was, materializing life just as I wanted it. While I did feel proud to have finally made the dream a reality, I was also struck by how anti-climactic the experience was.

The experience reminded me somewhat of Christmas for my children as they entered their adolescence. One day they realized that whatever they were waiting for wasn’t going to change their life, and that the holiday was just another day. There was the bittersweet melancholy on those holidays in recognition of a reality, which rarely matches our anticipation. Often the days or events that are truly life changing arrive in packages that we least expect. They surprise us and catch us off-guard with the truth that life can turn on a dime. It just that it is rarely the dime we expect.

Recognizing that it is our own inability to allow dreams to manifest, we learn that our achievement usually turns out to be another part of the journey, rather than simply the destination. Having my own radio show felt like finding home for me, an easy place to talk about loving that is second nature to me. Why it took me so many years to feel ready for it and capable enough to do it, I can’t say, except in retrospect.

What I learned is that we are always materializing our dreams through our thoughts. The days that we get to witness them fully realized are just a pat on the back for the long road that took you there.