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Day 344: Be More, Do Less

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” -Lily Tomlin

I know that I am headed in the right corporate direction when our sales manager leaves on Friday with a smile and urges me to “be more and do less.” What a nice idea. Learning to slow down, do one thing at a time, and listen to my body get quiet, these are the lessons that I want to master.

The pain in the neck that I have been nursing is a barometer for how I am living the big transitions at Good Clean Love. I have to keep remembering that the most critical parts of life are in the little things- the how things happen more than what happens. We make our future more from how we deal with current events than by all the stress we put out to mold the events to our desires.

If Love had a mother, she would be called Gratitude: the messenger that makes what we have more than enough. With a gentle hand, she pushes us to accept things as they are, seeing beyond our own denials, transforming chaos to order and confusion into clarity. Finding ourselves full of gratitude makes sense of the past, makes peace with the present and inspires a future to believe in.

These are still the lessons before me as year one of the positivity quest winds down to its final days. While I have proven to myself that you can change your own mind, I also realize that there isn’t anywhere I am getting to. There is just the journey and hopefully sleeping well in between the days of living fully awake, doing the best you can.