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Day 352: The Right Questions

“Faith is a process of leaping into the abyss not on the basis of any certainty about where we shall land, but rather on the belief that we shall land.” -Carter Heyward

Learning to ask the right questions is critical to building a positive relationship to our life. Often the leading question about our life, whether it pertains to work or personal issues begins with “what?”  The question of what to do about… presumes that there is a singular correct answer to be uncovered. It sets us up to believe that what we do is ultimately more important than how we do it.

For years I have looked at my business through this lens, desperately searching for the “what” that would make my business grow. Even the moments of clear confidence about our chosen directions and initiatives were often clouded with visiting doubts and fears that are built into focusing on the “what” of life.

I remember years ago when I was immobilized by indecision about what to do. I read somewhere that any decision we make is the right one if we back every choice we make with the commitment to give our all to making our choice as positive as possible. This idea that how we live our choices is bigger than the choice itself has taken me years to get my head around.

But now, almost at every turn, I realize the depth of truth and wisdom to refocusing the questions of our lives around the how rather than the what. Replacing the pressure of having to find the right answer on what to do with the intention of knowing how we want to do everything is at once clarifying and freeing.

When the question you use to navigate your life shifts to, “How do you want to live this moment,” usually the what takes care of itself. By refocusing the questions we use to navigate in life on the process rather than the outcome, we are always finding a way back to ourselves, which is the only sane place from which to navigate.