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Embodiment with Author & Teacher Philip Shepherd | S1:E15

S1:E15 | Sept. 10, 2020 | 38 min.

Philip Shepherd is an internationally recognized embodiment expert and author. He travels the world teaching people how to ground their thinking in the calm, deep-dwelling intelligence of the body. Today on the show, Philip and Wendy discuss his studies of embodiment, the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.

Connect with Philip Shepherd
Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique practices were developed to help transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010) and Radical Wholeness (2017). The aim behind all the practices of The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP) is to help people reunite the thinking of the head with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Unlike the prevailing view of embodiment – which involves sitting in the head and ‘listening to your body’ – Philip’s approach helps you listen to the world through the body. What the body most deeply understands is that it belongs to the world. What the body most deeply feels is the present. When we join its intelligence, we discover companionship in the world rather than alienation; we recognize guidance where before we saw only obstacles; and we ground ourselves in the security of being, rather than seeking to build security for ourselves with symbols of external value.

Philip is currently spending his time divided between teachinginternational workshops, runningFacilitators Trainings, creating TEPP courses for online learning, and working on a third book called The Health Revolution (North Atlantic Books, 2021) withNew Element Training founder Andrei Yakovenko.

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About Host Wendy Strgar
Wendy is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry. An active sex educator, Wendy is a popular blogger and author of two books. Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide To Awakening Your Erotic Life was published in June 2017 and is the companion to her first book, Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy. Dear Sex is Wendy's new podcast adventure.

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