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Finding Relief for Vulvovaginal Conditions

Experiencing vaginal discomfort is something we don’t talk about much, even though it is common for most women at some time to have pain, itch, and uncommon odors. There are many other vaginal conditions beyond the most common complaints of Yeast overgrowth and Bacterial Vaginosis that impact vaginal health. Many of the diagnosis that women may have include vulvitis, vulvodynia, vaginal atrophy mean that some women have vaginal pain every day.  

Other topical skin vulva irritation and rashes flare up when other parts of the body are out of balance, and when stress overruns the body. Conditions like Lichens, IC, and others mean that vaginal discomfort rules the thoughts of the day. The vulva tissue is some of the most sensitive and innervated mucous membrane in the body. 

Some vulva irritation may be caused by contact dermatitis which is why it is so important to read labels and be aware of ingredients that are known irritants.  However, there are many other vaginal infections and conditions that can cause inflammation of the labia majora and labia minora — the outer folds of the vulva of a woman's genitals. 

It wasn’t until I experienced some of these conditions myself and tried every product on the market that I turned to some of our physician advisors. Learning about a lidocaine cream prescription planted a seed for me. Using the same 4% strength of lidocaine in a bio-matched, pH-balanced formulation made with natural ingredients and including the power of soothing botanicals is how we arrived at Relief Gel.  

Used topically, Lidocaine 4% Relief Gel helps reduce pain by blocking the sensitivity of nerve endings. This formula helps relieve inflammation and discomfort postpartum, post-surgery, following cancer treatment, along with the many vaginal conditions that may cause vulvar and vaginal pain. Our Relief Gel is steroid and hormone free, contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals. Apply the gel to vulva, labia, and at the vaginal opening as needed to relieve itching and burning or to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. 

Recommended by doctors, Relief Gel alleviates symptoms and soothes sensitive inflamed tissue. Like all Bio-Match® products, Relief Gel supports overall vaginal biome health. Prioritizing and maintaining good vaginal hygiene practices are key.  Make sure to not stay in wet swimwear or workout clothes for too long – keeping the vulvar and vaginal area clean and dry and wearing clean, breathable fabrics during physical activity will support your recovery. Also, try giving your vulvar and vaginal areas some air by sleeping naked!   

Using our bio-matched Balance Wash, Restore Gel and BiopHresh Vaginal suppositories will help support the effectiveness of Relief Gel by supporting overall vaginal biome balance.