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Flavored Lube – Is It Really Okay for My Vagina?

Stimulating all the senses: the unsung libido booster.

Struggling with low libido, as one-third of women do at some point in their lives, can make you feel left out and down on yourself. While low libido is often associated with middle age and menopause, there are actually a variety of reasons that women suffer from it, including normal hormonal changes, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, certain medicines and contraceptives, and a history of trauma. (It’s important to remember that “low” just means lower than you want. If you are happy with your libido level, then there is nothing wrong with it.)

One of the key ways to access our inner sexual selves is through sensory exploration. We all know that touch is the primary sense we yearn for when sexually aroused, and it’s common practice to “set the mood” with sensual music or lighting when initiating sex. But what about taste and smell? The answer:flavor

Introducing a flavored lubricant into the bedroom is a great way to tap into those underappreciated sexual senses. A sweet vanilla, fruity peach, or crisp mint lube might be the secret to fully activating arousal in the bedroom. Close your eyes, breathe in deep, and relax into your pleasure as you smell the aroma wafting through the air or taste it lingering on the skin of your partner. 

The difference between flavor and fragrance.

Flavored lube is the perfect secret ingredient for great sex as it taps into so many sensory experiences at once. There’s the smooth glide that prevents friction on the skin, the aroma that the flavor creates, and the taste it leaves on the tongue. However, when selecting a flavored lubricant, it is important to ensure that you are choosing one with ingredients that won’t be harmful to your body. 

One of the greatest myths around flavored lubes is that they are harmful to the vagina because they have added fragrance. In reality, there is a distinct difference between flavor and fragrance. Fragrance is an added component frequently found in cosmetics that adds scent to a product but would not be suitable for human consumption. The smell of your favorite perfume might be lovely, but you would never be inclined to use it to cover bad breath! On the other hand, added flavors that are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, such as those in well-made flavored lubricants, are considered safe for human consumption. When looking at the ingredients on your lube, remember that “fragrance” is a red flag and “flavor” is what you want to see.

How can I tell if a flavored lube is safe for the vagina?

Along with double checking your ingredients to make sure there’s no added fragrance, there are other key things you should be checking your lube label for before bringing into the bedroom:

✅ Glycerin Free – Glycerin is an ingredient found in many water-based lubricants which in high quantities may be harmful to vaginal tissues.

✅ Paraben Free – Parabens are preservatives that are thought to have adverse health effects such as hormone disruption and are generally best avoided.

✅ pH-Balanced – One of the most important factors for vaginal health. Lubricants that are not pH-balanced can disrupt the vaginal ecosystem resulting in a higher risk of Bacterial Vaginosis, UTIs, and other infections.

✅ Organic – Look for lubes that use natural or organic ingredients, not harsh chemicals.

✅ Doctor or Gynecologist Recommended – Use products that health experts trust.

I want to try a flavored lube, where do I start?

Good Clean Love has two personal lubricants with subtle flavors for those who want to expand their sensory experience during sex. Good Clean Love lubricants are always pH-balanced, doctor recommended, and scientifically formulated to support vaginal microbiome health.

Almost Naked®

Almost Naked® is our best-selling organic lubricant. With hundreds of five-star reviews, customers love this water based lube because it’s made with organic aloe, pH-balanced, long-lasting, and has a delicious and slightly sweet lemon-vanilla flavor.

Almost Naked® Hint of Mint

So many people love our original Almost Naked® for its vaginal microbiome-friendly formula, but lemon-vanilla is not everyone’s favorite flavor! If that sounds like you, our NEW Almost Naked® Hint of Mint might be just right. A crisp, organic peppermint flavor brings a heightened sensory experience to the fan-favorite Almost Naked® formula that doctors trust.