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Giving Up the Mood Thing

I often tell clients and customers to give up the idea of being in the mood. I feel fortunate to still have an ovulation cycle, changeable as it might be, to remind me of what the surge of hormones can do for my often hard to find libido.  And yet, for as infrequently as those hormones seem to help, I am often looking for other routes to awaken a hunger for desire.

Scent is a remarkable and yet often neglected route to sexual arousal. Our brain has hardwired connections between scent and sex- which is why it’s impossible to really kiss someone with bad breath or, worse yet, B.O. Oral sex was almost impossible for me until I discovered love oils. Well, and all kissing was greatly improved, too. Faster than you’d feel someone bite you, your brain registers scent in the limbic part of the brain- the same part that holds sexuality, memory and emotion. This is why its so easy to sell love oil- for me its like giving away a magical piece of the kingdom- wake up the center of your brain, and sometimes you find yourself suddenly ready for sex.