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Are You a DINS?

What about all these DINS out there- have you heard of that group yet? Worse still, are you a member? Apparently it’s growing more rapidly than DINKs – you know them, the couple that looks like they have it all, but actually aren’t getting any- The Dual Income No Sex group. It’s weird, how many couples are willing to give up the best reason to be in a couple without really fighting for it. Or maybe, everyone is just fighting about it.

I know in my own marriage who asked first, or didn’t, used to take up so much space, that we missed the point of the question. It’s so worth it to give up the need to be right or the attachment to feeling loved in a particular way that negates all the other ways. A very interesting economic study showed that a good sex life is worth $100,000 in the bank. For people who aren’t getting any, I am sure that’s true, because even when we can’t make the tax payment on time, after a good night of love, we’re feeling pretty rich.