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Good Clean Love® Earns Gold Star for Product Safety

Sexual health and product safety are the cornerstones of the Good Clean Love® product mission. The company was created 10 years ago in response to my own personal need for intimacy products that were not made with petrochemicals and parabens. Over the years our formulations have matured into a product line that is easily tolerated by even the most sensitive tissue. We work to provide products that people with a wide range of issues, including cancer survivors, can use to enjoy the healing benefits of intimate pleasure. In fact, many of the medical professionals we work with who specialize in pelvic pain report that Good Clean Love is the one product that has a consistently high success rate among their patients dealing with a wide range of sensitivities and disease.

Recent scientific research that is being conducted nationally on the safety of personal lubricants is now providing the science behind our success. Researchers are now able to measure the osmolality of personal lubricants, which is the overall concentration of molecular ingredients in a product. The higher the osmolality of the lubricant the more likely that it will cause epithelial cell damage because of simple physics; the weight of the molecules causes the cells there to shrivel up and come off, which weaken the body’s defenses. For instance, K-Y Warming Jelly, which has an osmolality more than 30 times the body’s own fluid, was found to increase herpes transmission more than nine fold in rodents, when compared with rodents not administered lubricant. Whereas Good Clean Love’s osmolality is so close to the tissue of the human body, that it was found to not damage the tissue samples or boost HIV infection rates.

We have long been a donating supporter to HIV prevention groups and other healing efforts. Patients of our local HIV Alliance fared so much better with our products than with conventional lubricants that they acted to include us in these studies. It was within this context that our product was introduced to the research team.

But you don’t have to have HIV or post-cancer symptoms to benefit from the natural and organic ingredient-base of Good Clean Love lubricants. Millions of people who suffer from dryness from medications, illness or aging are more likely to be adversely affected by the petrochemical ingredients found in 95% of conventional lubricants. The cell damage that the scientists are documenting creates its own visceral response, which is commonly pain, itching and burning with the use of these products.

These symptoms cause the premature ending of many workable sexual relationships. Most people listen to their doctors who tell them to use a lubricant and assume that the symptoms they are having in response to the ingredients verify their intractable sexual problems. No one has ever told them that it is the ingredients in these products that are making people sick. Dr. Richard Cone, of John’s Hopkins University was quoted as saying on the basis of his own research, “Virtually all sex lubricants need to be reformulated.” I guess he hasn’t tried Good Clean Love yet, but not to worry Dr. Cone, it’s on the way.

I have been standing on this ingredient soap box for close to a decade and have educated tens of thousands of medical providers and customers on the critical need to use safe, healthy ingredients for the most sensitive tissue in the body. How gratifying for science to catch up to me and put me on their chart. Lubricants are designed to heal the most intimate connection we have to another human being. That’s why we call ours Good Clean Love.

-Wendy Strgar, Loveologist & Found, Good Clean Love