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Human Sexuality with Carol Queen

Carol Queen, author of Real Live Nude Girl and long time sexpert at Good Vibrations apply her wit and intelligence to some of the  most complex and intriguing questions concerning human sexuality. Fearless about exploring her own sexuality through experience, Queen advocates for sexual positivity and safety.  Don’t miss this enlightening and lively conversation that affirms the truth of our own sexuality and the right we have to discover our capacity for pleasure.

Carol Queen is an American author, editor, and sexologist who has been influential in promoting the sex positive and feminist movement. Queen is the author of Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture as well as Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot. She has also edited several volumes of erotica.  She is a regular contributor to the Spectator and on several human sexuality blogs including at Good Vibrations where she has been the resident sexpert for years.  Queen has produced adult movies, events, workshops and lectures. She has been featured as an instructor and star in several pornographic productions.

Queen, together with her partner Robert Morgan Lawrence are the co-founders of the 501(c)3 education San Francisco based non-profit Center for Sex and Culture. The mission of the CSC is to “provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, and hands-on, practical skills-building events”.