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Introducing ‘Naked Health’

As part of Making Love Sustainable’s relaunch, we’re launching three new columns: two advice columns, ‘Ask Her Anything’ and ‘Ask Him Anything, and a new health focused column, ‘Naked Health’.

Welcome to Making Love Sustainable’s new column, ‘Naked Health’- your resource for the latest information on sexual health and wellness. While the rest of our blog delves deeply into the emotional aspects of love, sex and relationships, ‘Naked Health’ takes you through the latest scientific research on health, sex, and the psychology of love to give you practical advice that’s easy to digest.

Every day, we get bombarded with stories on health and science on the Internet- from health scares like Ebola, to overblown hype like the infamous ‘Master Cleanse’. We created ‘Naked Health’ to expose the substance of what’s trending online, so that you won’t miss the information you actually need, want, and care about.

We’ll be talking vaginal health, hormones, product safety, health trends, and more. With ‘Naked Health’ get real insight into groundbreaking topics that extend far beyond just what’s happening between your ears- but your whole body! Stand by for our first article on masturbation, coming up this week!