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National Nude Day: Explore the Possibilities

 “You must all, somewhere deep in your hearts, believe that you have a special beauty that is like no other and that is so valuable that you must not abandon it. Indeed, you must learn to cherish it.” -Sophia Loren

It’s National Nude Day.

Maybe you loved skinny dipping as a teenager and recall the incredible sensation of freedom and fresh air on every part of your body. If you are not spending time these days as a naturist (or nudist) here’s your chance to begin. Seems the pandemic has led to a resurgence in nudity–with many of us spending more time close to home–it’s the perfect time to begin. Plus being naked in the sunshine increases your absorption of vitamin D, essential for maintaining strong bones, teeth, and immunity. Our bodies process this vitamin from exposure to sunlight far more efficiently than through diet or supplements. And that’s only one of the benefits to our bodies!

Few of us truly love our bodies yet our bodies are deserving of our love. Read on for three ways to explore and celebrate being comfortable in your own skin and loving it!

1. Sleep Naked

Already do this? If not, tonight’s the night! Reap the hidden health benefits. Sleeping naked is a great way to enhance vaginal health and allow air to circulate there. Men can benefit too because sleeping naked can help cool our bodies including the testicles which is better for sperm health. Future parents take note. And according to the National Institutes of Health, the bedroom temperature is one of the most important factors in achieving quality sleep. Keep cooler tonight and leave your pajamas in the closet.

2. Shower Mindfully

Choose a time when you can ensure you’ll have privacy in the bathroom. If there are little ones about, consider locking the door and leave any negative thoughts you might have outside the door. Begin with a few deep breaths and look at yourself in the mirror if you are so inclined. Consider your amazing human body and all the functions it performs each day from respiration, circulation, digestion and so much more. Take a moment here to appreciate your body and all it does for you.

    When you are ready, step into the shower or bath. Feel the sensations of the water on your body. In your mind, scan your body from your head to your toes and notice any body part that feels tense or achy. Bring your awareness to that area and breath slowly. If you wish, place your hand on any body part that feels tense. Allow yourself to relax, breathe and appreciate your own beauty.

    3. Explore the Great Outdoors

    From naked gardening in the privacy of your own backyard to countless activities throughout the nation. Most anything you can think of (avoid sharp objects) you can do nude. Pickleball anyone? Yoga? Sailing? You only need to know where to go. At Gunnison Beach in New Jersey where you can see Brooklyn’s skyline on a clear day, clothing is optional. DeAnza Springs in southern California is an RV site with over 500 acres of high desert and over 300 RV hookups plus rental accommodations. So, if you enjoyed sleeping or tooling about your home naked, a whole world awaits for you to explore with new friends to meet along the way. The American Association for Nude Recreation began in 1931, find more information on places to visit naked here.

      Societal norms and mainstream media may set unrealistic beauty standards with photoshopped models strutting unhealthy weights, yet we have agency to set our own standards for what’s beautiful and that includes all of us no matter our size or shape.

      Committing to the work of loving your body is the first step to a life of sexual pleasure. Exploring the many benefits of nudity may increase your confidence in yourself and increase your positive feelings about your body. You may come to appreciate your body in ways you never noticed before. Our bodies deserve our endless gratitude every single day of the year, not just today.