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Life that Works: A New Day

“There is nothing as mysterious as something clearly seen.”  -Robert Frost

It was a great pleasure to have a regular day today. The drama that consumed most of my energy and concentration yesterday was over and I emerged whole and intact.  Maybe even more than intact; I was stronger today with more trust in myself and more faith in my process. We learn about our fortitude from using it, we know our ability to hold onto ourselves most when we are being pulled by the currents around us.

Coming back to the daily and mundane chores of growing a business and caring for a family was supremely pleasurable because it felt so workable. Things are moving along at their own pace and I don’t need to hurry them up or worry about their ability to resolve.  In fact, this realization not only frees me to let things be what they are, but also gives life the room to breathe itself into new shapes.

Yesterday, I couldn’t see the portal beyond the pain I was in,  but today,  there are so many incredible options from which to choose. I drove by a church that had posted the quote “Thy shall live by faith, not by feelings.”  Genius, I thought as I repeated it to myself over and over.  Hard times and the feelings that they provoke are as real as the weather we experience.

Especially in late winter in the Northwest,  hail, sun, rain, snow,  and rainbows can  all take up space in a single day- sometimes in a single hour of the day. Feelings can move through us that fast, too. They are a source of information and when we are lucky, even inspiration. They are not however, a compass for our life work or any indicator of the truth about our ability to persevere.

The great thing about weathering hard times is the day after always comes, and it is another day.