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Life that Works: Focus on Your Allies

forest path

“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” ~Arthur Golden

It was a bright sunny balmy day and I was grateful for the light and crystal blue skies. It balanced the darkness inside that threatened to overcome me as I listened to the negative rumors and meanness that has been circulating about me and Good Clean Love in my small community of investors. I think there is maybe no more difficult space for me in life than holding onto myself in the face of public criticism.

Years ago when I lost my bid to start a public children’s Peace Academy charter school in my hometown, the public knowledge of my loss was hard to bear. This was probably the time that taught me most about self-forgiveness. The more that I learned that other people’s rejections of me weren’t nearly as important as my own ability to accept myself, the easier it got to find my real community.

An old Jewish proverb says to ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. Mostly throughout the day I tried to maintain my capacity to stay.

I learned today that despite the challenges of growing a business, I have since sold over $1.2 million of love products. I have saved tons of relationships with loving advice and encouragement to look for love. There has been a lot of adversity in trying to build something, but it is worth it’s effort and sacrifice.

The best advice I heard all day from a host of sage women friends was to focus on the allies in life: nourish the connections, spend your energy on the people who care and want it to work with and for you. This is the most wisdom you could hope for when it seems the world has turned against you. This is when your real friends shine like a moonbeam across a dark lake.

“This is the pivotal thinking choice.” My husband in his uncanny and deep understanding of me and life, reminded me “that these moments are full of potential waiting to burst into something new, and that I should do whatever it takes to show up full on, as my best self… get energy healing, or call your favorite psychic, exercise, sleep more…”

Practicing behaviors that ensure my wellness while listening first for the voices of people who love me are the gifts that spring from adversity. Focus on your allies in life- both internal and external.