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Life That Works: Sustained Focus

Although this is the day of new beginnings for me it is also a point of reflection about how to sustain the positive changes that have begun to reinvent my life. Years ago when I was 20-something I lived in France and memorized the fifty principles of miracles that make up the first several pages in the Course in Miracles. One of my good friends and I learned them all and had to keep repeating them to retain them and to keep them organized numerically. Consequently, every event, meeting and new friendship was described by one of the principles; and for a brief year of my life, everything was a miracle. Gratitude and wonder was the color of most days.

I searched for many years and carried copies of those miracles with me daily for the last twenty years. I have searched for this place where my internal filter was clear enough to see things as they were and the best they could be simultaneously. It was a frustrated aspiration mostly with old negative programming tailing me for most of my life.

The positivity quest was a re-invention of the miracle year that I could both create and within which I could maintain a daily discipline. I don’t want to lose my way from this mental space again. This time I understand the power of working with the mind and the awesome results that arise from living with courage, positivity and gratitude. The magical triad that accesses miracles and believes in what might not be fully apparent.

So the quest for this year is to guard and treasure this positive mindset. I want to treat my young new mind as I would a childlike sensitive prodigy and nourish it with space, time and the trust of its own power to evolve. I am going to continue to document the progress and the detours as I have, because it keeps me honest and I have heard from some of you that it is helpful for your own.

Happy 2011 to us all. May we each find ourselves more deeply and live more authentically.