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Living in the Dark

We are having a wind storm here that has knocked out the power almost everywhere. We live in the country so when the power grid is shut down, days can go by without restoration. A couple of storms later we decided to diversify our power and installed a generator and propane system. On both the first and second occasion that we could have felt the benefits of our energy strategy, the system failed. The generator guy still doesn’t know what part he is missing, no doubt he will figure it out by the time we get our power back… So here we are enjoying the dark and trying not to feel furious that all my efforts at preparedness have not left me feeling more prepared.

Working at relationships can sometimes hold the same frustration. You work hard to be prepared for the emotional storms that blow through any relationship and then suddenly you’re in the dark…flashlight batteries burnt out. Getting angry at helplessness is not useful, yet not an uncommon reaction. Tonight, we are finding a cozy acceptance of the dark. We are all snuggled in one room, holding the small tea lights for each other. It won’t feel that easy tomorrow when we have to be on our way into the world…

So while this is not a total solution, consider the darkness a place to take respite. Rest into the quiet and unsure place of what to do next, forgiving all the best laid plans gone bad. Have patience with the process. I hope I will be able to follow these instructions myself in the next few days. I’ll keep you posted.