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This weekend we began our sustainable love tour… Our Good Clean Love products are launching throughout the Northwest and Northern California Whole Foods stores and we intend to visit every one of them. It is exciting to be included in such a respectable and highly valued business model and I feel grateful to be trusted to bring a healthy and sustainable slant on intimacy and sexuality to their customers.

Perhaps you can picture it, a little table on the main aisle of your neighborhood Whole Foods store, offering free samples… of personal lubricant. The reactions were mixed. On the upside, many people were actually really interested and excited to have all natural, high quality products available. Even people who were reticent at first, were grateful to know that our products did not contain the nasty petrochemical/paraben mix that defines the adult industry.

Some people were open to learning about our green philosophy of sustainable love and appreciated a new and healthy language which framed human sexuality in a natural context. They were grateful to have someone invite them into a discussion about the many health benefits associated with a sexually vital life.

I know the statistics about relationships and I shouldn’t be surprised by the number of people who responded to me “No love here.” or “I have no love in my life.” or “I just got divorced.” I witnessed the statistics that I read about in front of me. My love business is definitely bucking a trend- promoting the sustainability of loving relationships in our culture feels like a revolutionary act- or maybe a pipe dream.

Here’s the thing, choosing love day after day is revolutionary. Making a business whose mission is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world is an act of faith. I found a great card while I was standing at the table in Whole Foods, waiting for someone to talk to. I thought it would make a perfect Valentine.

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” -M. Sheppherd

So this is the work, this is the way and the transportation that takes no fuel at all, except for an open heart, which I think is the energy that transforms everything.