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Positivity Again- Building a Love Movement

4c9a841152258f37f98f64eb2135f8ebA marked point is the space in the field of chaos where order begins to take shape.  I learned about this piece of chaos theory from my good friend, writing partner and social movement architect, Jenn Hirsch. Jenn’s business,  Marked Point -named after this theory, (which the less trained eye might call just another marketing firm), is helping me create a Love Movement. It started out as an idea to get our current, loyal customers to go to our new vending partners to buy products and pay them with other products, but getting people to buy stuff has nothing to do with creating a movement that has the power to transform life.

So now we are looking at how Good Clean Love could be the catalyst for a real movement to increase the experience and awareness of love in the world, which has always been our mission, but never really a directive for how we do what we do.   Intimacy begets intimacy, this much we know is true. The closer we feel, the more we can feel close. Many people who read my work have a strong connection to what I teach and the ways that I intimately share about my own process of learning to love.   This has always been the most powerful aspect of the Good Clean Love brand.

For years, the discussion was about how to monetize this true connect. Through working with Jenn, what has become clear is that that is asking the wrong question. The point is not to make it financially viable. The point is how to expand the experience of love sufficiently that it translates into ever widening circles of love through each person who is connected.  The short answer is to be more intimate.

Jenn said it best yesterday when she said,  the customers who become love agents are more important than your biggest customer- which is the way you are supposed to think… Love agents ( those are the people who sign up to change life as we know it) are the soul of good clean love.    Expanding my connection to them in ways that would meaningfully expand their own capacity to love is where the movement becomes a real thing.

So here is the question:  What kind of intimate connection would instruct the real day to day experience of feeling love- both giving and receiving it.  How can love be shared between a brand and a consumer so that it has a direct transmission into someone’s heart?