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Positivity Quest In Action: Year Three

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” ~ Gandhi


As I begin my third year of positivity quest, I am overcome with the success and changes that the discipline and practice of creating a positive relationship to life each and every day has harvested. I am getting more confident with my positivity and just like many of the books I have read suggested, I am witnessing how I am able to create ever larger circles of positivity around me.

One of the most important tools I have used in my positivity process has been keeping the positivity quest blog that has grown to thousands of followers.  Lately I have fallen off of my commitment to record what is happening in favor of being in it. But just like last year, I have learned again that the power of a discipline is only as active as your commitment to it.  Writing is how I know what I am learning, which is the surest way of teaching anything.

The other day I realized that this year’s blog will be the record of how to make positivity real in the world. Every day, or as close as I can get, I will record the forward momentum of one of the positivity projects I am working on.  I will try to cover each topic at least once a week but we will see how that goes.  In the beginning I will just orient the readers to the project beginnings so we can all be on the same proverbial page.

The first project that I am dedicated to finishing here is a first draft manuscript of the hundreds of pages that have made the positivity quest so popular. I know that if I can combine the collected wisdom over the last two years with a compelling narrative of my own story that I have been hesitant to publish in the past, it could be a book that changes lives.  You all will have the first look at the manuscript, so any editorial suggestions are welcome.

Along with the book,  this positivity year is going to have me taking the show on the road.  I am working at boosting my radio presence to new AM dial spots,  the first in San Francisco and following in Portland.  I am also working on pitching a documentary about how we stay with love, based on the dozens of interviews I have done with thought leaders in love, sex and relationships.  I will share my progress as these projects take shape and sharing it will keep me honest. These long-term projects will be fed by the work I will soon be launching of turning my last book, Love that Works into workshops for cancer survivors and webinars for everyone.  I am excited to be steeped in creative projects again.

One of the biggest lessons that positivity has given me is how it thrives and grows in the context of community. Our family has been healed in the light of positivity and I have witnessed how teaching my kids the power of their own thinking and attention.  So this year, I started a club at their high school called the Positive Charge Club, whose mission was to redesign and landscape a central outdoor courtyard into a space open for all the students to reflect and find the positivity in them. We have been meeting between 2-4 times a month and we have arrived at a beautiful design that got approval by the facilities people, so now we just have to make it real.

It is very cool to be around so many kids that I have watched grow up and work alongside them so they can witness their own abilities to change their world.  This week we will get 1100 positivity wrist bands that say, “You are what you think” and on the inside, say “think positive.”  This is an exciting project that teaches me every time I show up for the kids.  Stay tuned for ways to get involved.

Another big theme of this year’s positivity work is embracing change. I am actively letting go of things that don’t work and doing new things to see if they will work better.  One place that has been begging for me to shift is in my personal fitness program.  This week I will begin a new type of Pilates called Core Align that promises to make me re-think everything I thought I knew about my strength and conditioning.  Although I am a little nervous, I am also really excited to find new ways of knowing and living in my body because I know from past experience that these open up areas in the rest of your life.

Good Clean Love is growing up into a company that will soon expand into something much more substantial than my early blue print.  I now understand that we receive by letting go and the more I manage to open my hands to let Good Clean Love find its way, the better things get.  I am excited to see what all of my best and loving  intentions will attract this year.

So join me on this year when positivity will be in action.  I need you to make it real.