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Positivity Reinvents Us

Today I begin my third edition of my positivity  quest blog with a renewed commitment to daily  writing as a vehicle for my awakening.   This is the third new year that I have begun the year by committing my life to positivity. Having lost touch with the daily practice of writing as I learn in this last year has made me long to find my writing voice again in a way that will guide me to putting the last three years of learning together in a book called Life that Works- How Positivity Reinvents Us.  I may just be writing it one page at a time here so please feel free to add your editorial voices and questions where I miss the mark.

Every day I will try to synthesize the best practices I have developed over the last few years, as well as share the stories of how my focus on finding a positive relationship to life has completely reinvented not only how I live hour to hour, but shown me how generous and truly wonderful life can be.   I remember reading one time about parallel universes. Truly what I want to share with you is a door way into the universe right next to yours where you can thrive, where life is kind and where love is the ground under your feet.

I know it might sound like magical thinking, but the truth is that how you think is who you are and when you get skilled at thinking in positive ways, the world around you reflects this thought pattern.  There are a lot of exciting projects in the works too, so stay tuned and tell your friends.  This year’s positivity quest is intended to bring all of you along into a life better than you can imagine.

See you tomorrow.