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Positivity Reinvents Us – The Wealth of Our Nation

I have learned how to care for myself. Yesterday was a painful experience of witnessing and releasing some of the hardest aspects of my childhood. I am grateful to know I am not being held by the story  anymore and what a fortunate circumstance to have a chance to enjoy the gifts of being American that I have only enjoyed once before. Our nation’s capital is awash in cultural richness.  Within blocks any citizen of the world can witness the Hope diamond, a massive diamond necklace, a gift from Napolean to his wife Josephine,  bigger than life skeletons of T-Rex and other Dinosaurs. At the National Art Gallery, Michelangelo’s David-Apollo is on tour. Rembrandts and Renoirs. A museum founded, built and furnished with old 1% money that was invested in cultural legacy by Andrew William Mellon (1855-1937) and his family.

It was truly awe inspiring to walk between the capitol building and the Washington monument and have free access to the historic and cultural wealth of our nation. It was easy to be fully present and soak in the wonder of the capital. Truly every citizen should have the privilege of visiting at least once. Even more rewarding still is my ability to be my own friend. To keep my mantra strong, my mind serene and my energy focused on the wonders around me.  I have a lot to be grateful for. This is a good lesson for daily life.

Tomorrow I will sleep in my own bed, better still.