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Q&A: Can You Regain Your Sex Drive After Giving Birth?

My wife used to love sex, but we had a baby six months ago, and she has since lost all interest. Will her sex drive ever come back?

The good news is that you can help her find her sexual interest. But don’t look in her diaper bag… it’s not there. It’s not unusual for a new mom to feel like her body and the focus of her attention belongs solely to the baby. Additionally, free time has diminished and she’s exhausted. If you want to seduce her, I recommend you help her with the household chores and the baby. Ask her what you can do to help while letting her know how much you miss making love to her.

Then, I suggest you hire a babysitter and get a room at a nice hotel where there are no signs of parenthood. While sexual drive after having a baby varies among women, it typically returns around six months. So, with patience, planning, and effort you’ll soon be having sex again…really.