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Sharing the Intention to Love

The truth is that we all fall short of our intentions a lot of the time, especially when it comes to our dedication to loving the people around us.  We are blessed with  these brilliant moments of inspiration that too often don’t come together in reality.

One of the most powerful antidotes to this pattern of unfulfilled love ideas is to share our commitment to become more loving with the people they care about most:  See if this sweet reflection of sharing our loving intentions doesn’t inspire to get your love relationship signed up as Love Agents…

“I decided to share with my wife that I was challenging myself to be a Love Agent. At first I wanted to keep this a secret and try to work on spreading the love without telling her. I thought that it would be romantic if I increased the amount of love that I shared and the way that I shared it. After some more thought I realized that love is based on communication. This communication needs to start by opening myself and sharing all parts of myself with my wife. It felt good to tell her that I am a love agent, and that I was putting a priority on our relationship. She even got excited about it and is considering being a love agent too.”

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