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SOCAP: A Tribe of Social Entrenprenuers

socaphallI am so excited to have won a spot at the upcoming SOCAP conference for Social Entrepreneurs.  This group of social innovators, investors and entrepreneurial minds is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital to social good.

It takes place in San Francisco the first week of September.

For my life at Good Clean Love has been a journey of building a tribe and promoting the power of healthy vital intimacy to heal our lives.  How fortunate I feel to be included among a group of people from all over the world coming together to create and invest in solutions to make the world work.

For me the best part of building a social enterprise that is mission driven has always been about witnessing all the many people who are out on the edge imagining and betting their days on the solutions, rather than hanging out and complaining about what is broken. Let me know if any of you want to come and participate, as a winner I have a special deal of 30% off the cost of the conference for any of my tribe.

Here’s to accelerating an economy for the good of all of us…