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The Opening Door – Show 45: Buck Angel, Trans Filmmaker

Buck Angel shares the meaning of life transformed by the transgender experience. His heart is as wide open as his mind on the path of both emotional and sexual satisfaction and healing. Join me and my good friend Buck as he shares his special wisdom and authentic reflections making this show an unforgettable half hour.

Buck Angel was born a biological female and conquered a lifetime of adversity to undergo his transformation and become the healthy, happy, self-confident man he is today.

From early childhood, there was no doubt Buck Angel was born in the wrong body. He roughhoused with the toughest bullies and was accepted as a boy by friends and family. When he started to grow breasts and menstruate, it was devastating, as he felt his body was betraying him. This caused severe depression and led to substance abuse problems.

In the 1980s, Buck got his first break in the entertainment world as a high-fashion female model, under contract with two of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies, Elite Model Management and Z in London. Not surprisingly, Buck pushed the envelope in the high-fashion world, as well. His look as a professional female model was progressive, beautiful, and almost androgynous, which opened the doors for some of today’s most successful models. Many girls dream of becoming models, but this career was painfully difficult for Buck.

Following gender reassignment, Buck began working in the adult entertainment industry as a fetish filmmaker and website developer for the male-to-female (MTF) on-line market. After a few years, he came to realize that there were no female-to-male (FTM) adult entertainment sites on the Internet. In his typical pioneering fashion, Buck created the first FTM adult website in 2003 and became the first FTM adult entertainer and film producer. In 2007, Buck made history again as the first transsexual man to ever win the AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year award (the academy awards of the adult industry).

As an icon of popular culture, Buck has appeared on the Howard Stern Show, Spike TV, Much Music, OUT TV, the Tyra Banks Show and has been featured in every media outlet: television, radio, web, and print.

Recently, Buck has devoted himself to informing and enlightening the world. As he demonstrated in his speaking engagements at YALE University and IdeaCity 2010, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re- defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics.

In 2012 Buck was appointed to the board of directors of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

Buck’s efforts have opened doors for many like him; dialogue and education about the transgender community is more prevalent then ever. The adventures of Buck Angel have only just begun.