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The Art, Magic, and Origins of the Kiss

“Kiss me yet once again, the last, the long kiss, until I draw your soul within my lips and drink down all your love.” -Venus to Adonis

That kissing is practiced the world over, and throughout recorded history is hardly surprising. Many animal species including primates have been observed kissing as a form of peacemaking. Historically, kissing has evolved from the act of smelling someone’s face- inhaling them out of friendship or love, in order to gauge their mood and well being.

Historian Desmond Morris notes that primitive peoples believed that the warm air exchanged through the mouth was a magical embodiement of the soul- and the kiss was a way to fuse two souls. Even more primal, early human mothers weaned their babies by chewing their food and passing it through lip to lip contact- a form of nurturing that was practiced for a million years or more. Deep kissing may carry some of the ancient comfort of parental mouth feeding.

Kissing is without question the most profound of all Sensuous Communication. Full conversations may occur without uttering a single word. And there is no other form of communication, which nourishes and enervates the entire body like the singular act of the kiss. Kissing is the one of the most meaningful acts of human communication we can experience, no other union so totally absorbs us- or brings us so completely into the present moment.

That the kiss has evolved as a form of nurturing and through our sensitivity to scent is not surprising, and yet if you were to ask most people about what is involved in kissing, most would tell you lips and tongue. Our lips are deeply sensitive, a part of our body that seems designed for intimacy for both their receptivity and suppleness. Extensive nerve endings feed a wide sweep of the brain.

Power of Scent

However often our sense of smell is overlooked as the primary vehicle of love that it is… Scent our most primary sense registers in the limbic center of the brain in .05 seconds (faster than you would feel a pinch). The olfactory nerves share the same space which is home to human sexuality, memory and emotion.

Essential oils have the power to change brain chemistry while you kiss- opening up sensuality and passion as a scent bridge is formed between two people. We all know how distinct the experience of scent is for the individual- these differences create a unique love alchemy between two people with love oil- each person exudes different layers of a scent, and the combination invents and reinvents itself through the kiss.
Take time to inhale before you kiss- add breath to the entire act of lovemaking, the results are surprising…

So this weekend practice the kiss, see how many different varieties you can experience in a love session. Use a kiss to ask a question and kiss the answer back. Relish the moment, don’t hurry on to the next event- stop time in your next kiss.

Coming soon, tips for enhancing even the very best kiss…