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The Bioneers Launch

I am at the Bioneers conference, which starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I will find myself on a huge stage presenting Love That Works to hundreds of people. I am sure thousands more will be watching via webcast. It is a dream come true, but also the beginning of a different career, a career I’ve envisioned for several years. Bioneers is a remarkable venue attended by some of the most progressive green intellects this country holds. Thus, it is an honor to share my philosophy about the ecology of love and sustainable intimacy in this forum.

Tracking our own evolution and celebrating the steps that bring us towards our goals is both the foundation and the outcome of living a positive life. The more we trust and believe in what we love, the more that life offers us opportunities to expand it. This is the cycle that defines a thriving life. There is no time to waste when we are on a path of our heart’s choosing.

I am more excited than nervous to stand up before the hundreds of people who will be in the audience. I can already feel it like a golden seed that has been germinating in me. I have prepared and studied for many a talk over the last several years, but this one feels like what I have been preparing for over all these years.

Finding yourself truly in the midst of the life you have dreamed of is a peak experience grounded in reality. It isn’t that every moment is exactly what you would have wanted, it’s that you can be grateful for every moment exactly as it is. Even living in the physical pain that has been accompanying me through my days has been a gift of sorts.

My pain is the messenger I have been waiting for to clearly direct me to not waste any more time doing less than my heart’s work. This is the launch weekend. So ready, so grateful.