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Free U.S. Shipping On Orders Over $35 - Ships In Discreet Packaging

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The Connection We Seek

The expo closes down and in minutes, the scenes of so many natural product companies become crated and ready to ship to the next business conference. Three days of meeting new people and greeting old friends goes by in a blur, our senses are overloaded with new tastes and smells, and we are caught continuously in conversations with fuzzy lines between important product education and perfect marketing pitches. Every now and again we connect, truly, deeply and without question with someone we have known briefly or someone we really needed to meet.

Finding those connections is the gift of our work. They make all the follow up calls meaningful and make sense of the drive to close the sale. We realize in these moments that the goal of the work is more than the bottom line results, and/or that the bottom line results are often the fruit of the real connections that we make. So many people have now tried our Good Clean Love products and been inspired by our sustainable love newsletters, that I felt more at home in this community than ever before.

Turning brief connections into trustworthy relationships takes time and willingness. Returning phone calls and emails to near strangers in the midst of overly busy lives is the way we say yes to making lasting friendships and constructing business relationships that can do good in the world. Thank you for seeking a connection with me as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, working to make the world a kinder and more loving place.

You will continue to receive newsletters about making love sustainable in your life. We never advertise Good Clean Love products in these newsletters, they are written to create a meaningful dialogue about real relationships in a complex world. Sometimes we even talk about sex, if you are not interested in receiving these, just hit unsubscribe. The greatest complement we receive is when you pass them on to someone you love.

Looking forward to the journey,