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The Female Ejaculation

Question: I have a new partner who seems to pee when she is about to orgasm. She is really embarrassed about this, and I’m not sure what to do either. We’re really into each other and I don’t want this to hold us back from being sexual together! Any advice?
– Linda, 25, AR

Answer:This is great news!

It is time to celebrate, not worry. Most likely what your partner is experiencing a release of fluid called “female ejaculation.” Some studies suggest that about 40% of women may experience ejaculations while some sexuality experts think that all women can train themselves to ejaculate, given the chance.

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What happens during ejaculation? The research isn’t completely clear on this. It appearsthat intense stimulation of the G-Spot with fingers, a toy or penis causes fluid to build up in the glands surrounding the urethra and then shoot out oftheurethra during peak moments of pleasure. The fluid is clear and similar in make-up to semen, without the sperm, of course.

It isn’t dangerous to experience an ejaculation or to taste ejaculatory fluid although it does require some clean up. Many couples place a towel on the bed (or couch or table — wherever!) to avoid a messy clean-up. If you are practicing safer sex it is important to avoid contact with all genital fluids, including ejaculatory fluids. To learn more about safer sex between women see Planned Parenthood.
If the fluid smells like urine then she may in fact have a problem with urinary incontinence.In that case, it is best to make an appointment with an urologist or gynecologist.

If you are interested in exploring the elusive G-Spot and learning more about female ejaculation then you might want to invest in a good G-Spot vibrator like the Gigiand a book on female anatomy and sexuality like The Hot Woman’s Handbook.

Happy exploring!