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The Joy of Playing in Love

by Anastasia Strgar

Okay, so I’ll just admit that recently I’ve started experimenting with fantasy when I make love. And I’ve discovered that I get amazing results. While I’m still pretty new at this and they haven’t really morphed out of setting me and my partner into different exotic scenarios, I find I feel sexier when I imagine us making love on a tropical beach or in a castle tower than simply in our bed.

Recently, I asked my boyfriend about whether he fantasizes and he told me sometimes he does, but usually it’s about us play acting some scenario. Last night, I decided to try this out with him. While I didn’t exactly have the proper costume for the role I was enacting, I delved deep into my acting past and became an entirely different person. It was pretty cool, albeit a new experience, so obviously I was actually kind of a play-acting virgin, but it made me want to try out more scenarios.

I recommend at least trying this out with your partner because it helps you to open up to the different types of lovemaking you could have, provides an excuse to try out varied positions and allows you opportunities to open up to new sides of yourself sexually that maybe you weren’t before aware of. By experimenting like this, it helps keep your lovemaking feel fresh and revived, so you’re not falling into any ruts.

While going out and buying costumes is a fun way to really get into the role (and help you prepare for Halloween), if it’s too expensive for you, don’t worry! You can still find some erotica (either on TV, which can be fun to watch together) or in a book that will help you imagine your own play acting scenarios and get you into the mood.

Also, make sure to surround yourself with good products like Good Clean Love organic lubricant, yummy organic love oils and some body candy to spice it up! Scent is an incredibly powerful channel to take you up, up and away into fantasy land!

Anastasia Strgar, a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a B.A  in journalism, has been writing about love and relationships for several years. She has written short stories and romance novels, penned the love and sex column  in the  school newspaper and wrote several blogs. As the eldest of founder Wendy Strgar’s four children, she has been inspired by watching her parents’ marriage and strives to put those lessons to use in her own relationship. She believes that teaching her peers early on about how to maintain healthy relationships  is essential to creating a future generation of loving partnerships. She currently works as the Director of Public Relations and Magazine Editor at Good Clean Love.