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The Make It Good Movement

Make It Good is a sexual health and wellness initiative meant to address difficult topics in modern day relationships revolving around three core issues: equal pleasure, consent and the use of healthy ingredients in intimacy products.

The Make It Good public awareness campaign inspires young adults to foster fulfilling relationships that empower themselves and their partners because life is fueled by love

Intimacy is a component that is largely left out of conversations about sexual health in society. This is wrong; a knowledge of pleasure AND safe sex practices are equally valuable to youth. Likewise, the ingredients used in intimacy products are largely neglected by our education. Finally, the definition, application, and awareness regarding consent can never be over emphasized. It’s time to start a dialogue for these sexual health issues that aren’t directly addressed by traditional sexual education.

A future goal of the Make It Good public awareness campaign is to connect students with resources so that they can become advocates for sexual health in their communities or universities.

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