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The Opening Door – Show 040: Hugo Schwyzer, Gender Studies

Shattering gender myths, rethinking infidelity and looking at what it takes to make empowering sexual choices are a few of the topics that Hugo Schwyzer tackles in this provocative and enlightening conversation about what it means to be human and sexual. His voice is bold, daring and acutely truthful in a space that most are afraid to tread. The light that he sheds on gender and sexuality has the power to alter how we imagine our relationships.

hugoHugo Schwyzer is an author and speaker who has taught history and gender studies at Pasadena City College since 1993. Hugo has served as a facilitator, workshop leader, and speaker on issues revolving around sexuality, masculinity, and transforming self-image. He has presented workshops on body image, sexual harassment, overcoming perfectionism, and the “myth of male weakness” at institutions as diverse as Fuller Theological Seminary and Brown University. He is also a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio programs and has appeared on CNN, the BBC, CTV, Current TV, the Young Turks and the Ricki Lake Show. He has been profiled in New York Magazine, The Atlantic, and Bitch. A former weekly columnist at the Good Men Project and Jezebel, Hugo is now a regular contributor to Daily Life (Australia) and The Atlantic. Hugo lives with his wife Eira and their two children, Heloise and David, in Los Angeles.