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The Opening Door – Show 48: Dr. Sondra Barrett, Secrets of Your Cells

Discover your body’s inner intelligence with Dr. Sondra Barrett, author of Secrets of Your Cells. Taking her medical training into the mystical world of cellular biology, Sondra explains the fundamentals of cellular intelligence, offering methods to heal ourselves at the deepest levels. Our cellular architecture is actually “a community of trillions of sentient entities working together to create a sanctuary for the human soul.” Don’t miss this unique perspective on how to listen deeply to what your body is telling you and practice sending life affirming messages to create a more healthy you.

SondraSondra Barrett is the author of Secrets of your Cells and a PHd Biochemist who studied childhood cancers during her post doctoral training in immunology and hematology at the University of California Medical School. She teaches and lectures on the science and practice of mind body medicine. She creates cellular art with her electronic microscope.