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The Soulmate Experience with Mali Apple and Joe Dunn

Have you ever longed for a soul mate? Co- Authors and life partners Mali Apple and Joe Dunn break down the elements of turning your relationships into a Soulmate Experience. Approaching your relationship without expectation and judgment allows your relationship to thrive. They discuss all the hot buttons of jealousy, fear and manipulation and how changing your perspective on how you love can bring you the connection you seek.


Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are the co-authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships. They have been lovers, partners and friends and wanted to share their experience of getting love right with the world.  Mali and Joe promote a new way of relating and have earned a faithful following of more than 50,000 on Facebook. Many of their community members are committed to doing relationship differently using The Soulmate Experience as their guide.