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The Wrist Kiss

It has been a while since we talked about the joy and wonder of sex itself… so it’s Monday, a cold and foggy one with darkness coming earlier. Yes, definitely a day to explore intimacy. Here are the facts leading up to this kiss… foreplay as we have called it, is actually the main play. It sets the tone for any and all orgasms that follow. It is the color of the love and the depth of connection that you get to share with the one you love. When I sell my love oils, one of the greatest selling points is that it extends your love time. Scent wakes up the sleepy, hard to access part of the brain that is wired for sex- so handy…

Anyway, back to the play… so it turns out in all these important sex polls that both men and women want more time before the act. Women say 20 minutes, men say 15- I’d say see if you can stretch it to 30. Here’s the thing, the longer you play, the better it is- during and after. Take your time, it is without question the best time of the whole day.

Ok, so here are a couple of techniques that might add some spice, fun and time to your before play. Start with the scent kiss… put on your partner’s favorite scent… ok, here I have to suggest love oils- scented with the true scents of essential oils…rub the oil into all the places you want your partner to kiss you. Be exotic. Start at your feet, say maybe, the curve of the ankle and work up from there. Let your partner sniff his way up your body, or do the honors yourself. To make it even more tantalizing- make it an inhale only tour. No mouth kissing, just inhaling you, or as my husband likes to say “smoking you”.

As the excitement builds, find your way back to the wrist. Have your lover find your pulse with his lips. This can go either way, or both. This tender encounter, of lips to pulse gets exciting fast. Keep your eyes open, and watch him, hold your life on his lips, watching you watch him…. Then find your lips, as I know you must and make that first kiss as slow and luxurious as you can. Just a hint of tongue, of what is to come.

There now, you are easily at 12 minutes and the standard foreplay hasn’t even started- forgive this cross advertising…in the love column, but I guarantee you that all kisses are better with love oil.