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Whatever Happened to Privacy?

Recently, social media has overtaken the way we have friendships, the way we do business, and… talk about sex? New statistics from a new study by Retrevo found that 36% of social media (specifically Twitter) users are tweeting after sex. Social media has replaced the post-coital cigarette according to sites such as Ars Technia. But how healthy is that, really, at least for relationships that are becoming ever more public?

According to the study, men are twice as likely to tweet, Facebook or text after having sex. The study also cited the phone one uses also dictates this kind of behavior. For example, iPhone users are three times more likely than Blackberry users to use social media post-sex. Another article from The Huffington Post confirmed this survey and also suggested a website called, a site where users can post when, where, and how they just had sex. If that isn’t revolutionizing sex then I don’t know else could.

Although social media is helping us stay in touch and network in ways that, ten years ago, we could never have dreamed of, it may become a crutch to relationships if this trend continues. It may feel cool to brag about your latest conquest, but the fact of the matter is, do fellow followers or Facebook friends really want to hear about it? Let’s keep the relationships and the sex between the sheets. As far as Facebook and Twitter go? Keep it PG.