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When More is Better

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”  -Swedish Proverb

It has sometimes occurred to me when I explain how to use love products that I should have made my tagline: “More is Better” because when it comes to using great natural and organic intimacy products, that is the truth. Unlike other creams that boast one little dab will do you, love oil and lubricant want to be used lavishly. Sensuality is born in touch and nothing makes a hand glide on skin while waking up your sense of smell like a healthy dose of love oil. Even those that claim they don’t need a lubricant will often agree after just one application that more is indeed, better.


I opted not to promote the “More is Better” tagline publicly because there are too many places in our culture where less is actually more. In a land where over eating, over drinking and over stimulation is the norm and not the exception, the campaign could clearly be misconstrued and taken as permission to indulge to our demise. Maybe the slogan should be “More Love is Better”, because we could all benefit from being more loving to our intimate connections and ourselves.

Enlarging our capacity for love, from having the courage to open to it, the humility to keep coming back to it, and the perseverance to stay with it could only make our days more livable and our hearts more satisfied. Love is better when we do it more, starting with ourselves. Overcoming our personal version of unworthiness and embracing both our attributes and shortcomings is the foundation for loving others. Applying this same compassion and patience to our relationships with others is how love spreads out in ever widening circles.

Certainly no one would argue that more physical intimate love would be better in a country that is saturated in exhibitionist sexuality and starved for true sexual love. Strengthening the bonds of intimacy with more physical love is like pouring cement into the foundation of your relationship.  Sexual love is the most mysterious, transformative and some might argue most coveted love we can experience. More of this love in a lifetime is better. Exploring the breath and depth of our sexuality in loving relationships is a magical healing balm for our mind, body and spirit.

There may be no better discernment in life to master than learning to apply the rule of “more is better” to the situations that merit it and “less is more” to those that need it.   Gaining and applying insight into what we are building and what we are limiting is a straight shot to a life and love that is sustainable. On the days when it gets a bit muddled, start with a bottle of love oil or lubricant  and apply lavishly. Beginning with loving more will clarify all of the distractions that you need less. Loving more is almost like a map.