Our Science is Sexy

Good Clean Love’s line of personal lubricant has been named one of the safest products of its class in independent scientific research, including a recent study funded and endorsed by the mothership of medicine, the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The Study

Scientists from several leading universities, including Johns Hopkins University and University of Pittsburgh, were given $50 million from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to create a “buffer gel” to prevent the infection of HIV between sexual partners. They studied the most popular gels on the market to see if they could be made more safely. Good Clean Love was among several products tested by the researchers.

The study found Good Clean Love personal lubricants to be the most similar in cellular weight and salt balance to natural female lubrication. Now, conventional lubricants very often use heavy petrochemical ingredients in their formulations. Researchers discovered that the heavy concentration of petrochemicals contained in the majority of the most widely used personal lubricants caused damage to genital tissue. (Petrochemicals are chemicals made from crude oil or natural gas. They are inert and offer no value for the skin. Many of these chemicals are the same ones used to fuel car engines and for other industrial applications.) Specifically, they found that a single use of these heavily concentrated petrochemical products increased the risk of bacterial vaginosis by 13 times.

Researchers also found that the damage caused by these ingredients to the sensitive tissues of the genitals makes women vulnerable to a common low-grade infection called bacterial vaginosis (BV). Research has shown that BV makes women more likely to spread sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection.

Research-Backed Love Products

Building on the study’s findings, we asked ourselves, How can we make our products even better? It’s important to us that our products not only feel good, but also help to restore and balance our body’s natural goodness. We worked with researchers and came up with a line of products that are informed by the science of human biology and the growing field of biomimetics. We developed our patented Bio-Matched technology to help women maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem. The 100% isotonic salt-balancing formula naturally hydrates and deodorizes without harmful petrochemicals and parabens. Restore™ and Balance™ mimic the body’s pH levels to support healthy lactobacilli action, creating a truly natural lubricating response that may ease vaginal dryness.