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It’s been a while since we talked about the big “o” and it seems like mostly last time I discussed the statistics surrounding the lack of it. But here are some fun facts that might get you thinking and preparing for the Global Orgasm coming up on December 21st.

Orgasms are really good for your health. Researchers have said that an orgasm is as mentally and physically beneficial as a five mile jog, thanks to raising of heart rate, which is equivalent to an energetic aerobic workout. A wide variety of studies have shown that orgasms improve breathing and circulation, strength, flexibility and muscle tone. They are also said to relieve symptoms in chronic pain, depression and arthritis. Several studies also suggest that a regular sex life is a significant factor in preventing premature death and may not only add years to your life, but also make you look years younger. There are even studies that suggest that having regular orgasms significantly increases immune function and simultaneously reduces the risk of several forms of cancer.

Aside from all the obvious health benefits (and come on, not all the studies are bogus…) the actual present moment experience of orgasm should be enough to persuade you to try it more often. The most common word that even atheists exclaim at orgasm is God and there is little else that creates the euphoric, revelatory, mystical experience of connection and feeling of harmony with the universe.

We know some of this emotional experience is directly attributed to the intense chemical experience that the orgasm creates in the body. Yet the question of what creates what is one worth pondering and better still, experiencing.