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Beyond the Binary with Mia Fine | S3:E5

Certified Sex Therapist Mia Fine brings a queer theory perspective as she helps clients navigate eroticism, intimacy, health concerns, gender and sexual identities, and non-monogamous relationships. In today's episode, Wendy and Mia discuss a listener's letter about queer identity and the feelings that can arise with this self-realization.

Connect with Mia Fine

Mia (they/she) is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both private practice (Mia Fine Therapy, PLLC) and group practice (PNW Sex Therapy Collective). Operating from the lenses and a student of Queer Theory, Intersectionality, and Social Justice, Mia works with clients navigating eroticism, intimacy, sexual health concerns, kink, LGBTQIA+ genders and sexualities, and non-monogamous relationships. They are on the Board of Directors for Pan Eros and are a Consent Advocate passionately encouraging both consent and education from the individual level to the systemic. Mia is an adjunct professor at Antioch University and Institute for Sexuality, Education, and Enlightenment (ISEE). Mia presents at national and local conferences and facilitates continuing education for upcoming sex therapists, educators, and counselors. When they’re not working, you can find Mia practicing self-care by climbing mountains, spending quality time with people and pets, and finding new ways to adventure.