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Day 71: Quiet Breakthrough

"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.” -John Naisbitt

Something happened today that I have been working towards for some 70 days now. The change took hold in my body and all the words that I have read and studied about positivity from dozens of authors saying the same thing in dozens of different ways became real for the first time. Finally I know what it feels like to have a home in my own body, secure enough to let the world do what it will and trust that I don’t have to direct it all. 

Here is the remarkable thing about truly being able to let go- things actually work out better than you can imagine. Every problem was answered before I could formulate it, people stepped in to help without being asked. It sounds trite even as I write it, but letting go simultaneously allows you to radiate something deeper. The more at home I felt in myself, the less that fear held any internal space, the more that something else lovely came out of me.

It was a revelation to return to Expo West, the national natural products show where for the first time in seven appearances, owning my little love company felt totally right and true. Situated on a trade show floor surrounded by thousands of other companies, there was no comparison, no better or worse. I was just there in my own space and it was enough, more than enough.

The most important discovery of my life, and the only work that matters to me now is following this path to choosing the positive relationship to life. Who could have guessed that it could be so basic, so simple as finding a home in my own heart…