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Great Sex During Menopause is Possible

If you’ve just recently entered menopause, you might be noticing some of the changes that accompany this major shift. There are the emotional changes, the mood swings, hot flashes, disrupted sleep, and of course, the vaginal pain and dryness, which can make sex suddenly uncomfortable.

If you’ve never used vaginal care products before, looking into non-toxic solutions can alleviate a lot of the discomfort you may have never experienced during sex before.

The Best Lubricant to Use During and Post-Menopause

Some women are lucky enough to have plenty of natural lubrication for most of their reproductive years and may choose not to use a lubricant, simply because they don’t see the need. Other women have used lubricants before, but when they hit menopause they might find that their old standbys just don’t do it for them anymore.

If you’re wondering what the best lubricant for menopause is, we recommend BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Lubricant by Good Clean Love since it's water-based and designed to balance your pH, as well as mimic natural moisture. All of these features make Good Clean Love lubricants excellent contenders for the best lubricant for menopause. BioNude™ is a great option for menopausal women for its hypoallergenic, gentle formula.

Why a Natural Lubricant for Women?

You might be wondering why we keep mentioning the use of a natural lubricant for women. Why is a natural lubricant for menopausal dryness a better choice than a traditional lubricant?

A dirty little secret of the industry responsible for bringing you high-quality products for intimacy is that many of these products are made with things like petrochemicals, parabens, and other additives that frankly shouldn’t be used anywhere on your body, and especially should not come into contact with sensitive vaginal tissues.

As you age and your vaginal tissues become more sensitive, it’s particularly important to use a natural lubricant for menopause. That way, you can worry more about planning your next date with your partner and less about what you’re putting in your body.

The Best Moisturizer to Use During and Post-Menopause

In addition to a quality natural lubricant for menopause, if you’re having regular vaginal dryness and pain with sex, it might be worth it to look into a daily vaginal moisturizer.

What exactly is a vaginal moisturizer? It’s a product designed to lubricate the inner vaginal walls in the same way that a regular moisturizer might keep your skin moisturized.

BioNourish™ Ultra Moisturizing Vaginal Gel can be used as a natural vaginal moisturizer for relief from menopausal dryness. The great thing about using BioNourish™ is that not only is it pH balanced and salt balanced, it contains hyaluronic acid to provide an added boost of moisture to get you feeling your best. 

Having Sex Again After Menopause

Now that you know about the best personal lubricant and moisturizer for menopause you might be wondering about having sex again after menopause. First off, if you haven’t had sex in a while due to the onset of typical menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or vaginal atrophy, know that sex is likely to feel different. You might even need to try out some new positions. While it is always important to use a natural lubricant for vaginal dryness when engaging in sex again after menopause, the position you choose can also be key to making sex pleasurable and fulfilling.

Some recommended sexual positions include rear-entry vaginal intercourse (aka doggy style), side-lying sex, or woman on top (aka cowgirl). All of these positions give the woman the ability to control the depth of insertion, which can aid in lessening the potential pain with sex.

Another strategy for making sex after menopause the best sex of your life is to make sure to engage in plenty of foreplay. While foreplay is good for women of any age, it is particularly important for women who frequently experience vaginal dryness or pain with sex. The best lubricant in the world won’t do anything for you if you’re not already in the mood. But it’s more than just that; the act of foreplay primes the psychological and physical systems in the body and brain so that all systems are primed to go.

Foreplay with Lubricant

Armed with the best lubricant for menopause dryness, it’s easy to incorporate some lube into your foreplay with your partner. What are some ways in which you can do so?

To start off with, make sure you’re using a natural vaginal moisturizer on a regular basis. This may help support your vaginal pH balance and will also help maintain a proper moisture balance, the kind that you remember from your pre-menopausal days.

Once you’re in the bedroom, start off with some light touching and making out. It’ll feel a bit like being teenagers again, something that is sure to make the idea of actual penetration that much more exciting. While making out, allow your partner to apply some lubricant to a high-quality toy, which they can then use gently around your clitoris and vulvar region. If you prefer, they can also apply lubricant directly to your genitals. Allow them to gently finger you and play with your clitoris either with their fingers or a toy.

Remember there’s no rush — after a while, your natural sexual instinct will kick in. Once you can’t stand it anymore is the time to reapply and try out penetrative sex. You can even experiment with a new position!

Tackling Sex and Menopause

Menopause, like any major life transition, can feel a bit daunting at first. But armed with a few tools, such as lubricant and moisturizer, you’ll find that experimenting with a new part of yourself will be easier, less painful, and more enjoyable for you and your partner.