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Sex Work Consulting with Jacq the Stripper | S3:E14

In this episode, Jacqueline Frances joins Wendy to talk about the ins and outs of sex work as an entrepreneurial career, how patriarchy is a cheap trick, and why sex work legalization is needed now more than ever. Jacqueline Frances, also known as Jacq the Stripper, worked as a consultant on the 2019 American crime drama film Hustlers to inform an accurate representation of the day to day on the job as a stripper and spark a cultural conversation. Jacq is an artist, comedian, and entrepreneur.

Connect with Jacq the Stripper
Jacqueline Frances is an artist, comedian and entrepreneur. With her wit and her tits she brings joy and levity to show business, sex work and your instagram feed. She lives in New York with her wife, plants and tiny dog.  

IG @jacqthestripper