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Start Your Day with These 8 Inspiring Stories of Love

This summer, we invited you to share stories of Love Agents – people in your everyday life who make the world a more loving place. Thank you for bearing witness to your loved ones that have been there to hold you. We’ve received so many joyful, heartwarming, courageous submissions! Sharing stories like yours inspires the rest of us to look deeply at the love that is always present. 

Our Favorite Inspiring Stories of Love Agents

An Unexpected Blessing

“My husband is a retired firefighter. He was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer right after he retired three years ago. He’s been very active his whole life and going out of his way to help others. Now he’s in hospice care, clinging to life.

It’s hurricane season where we live, and we had a bunch of trees that needed to be removed for safety reasons. My husband is really good with a chainsaw, and would rather (normally) take care of these himself. But now he can’t. So a bunch of fellow firefighters took care of the job for us. It was a big job! Then a local tree company in town removed all the stumps at no charge! When they heard of a firefighter who was down, they wanted to give back. An unexpected blessing! All together they saved us thousands of dollars and gave us some peace of mind. We’re grateful and feel blessed by all the love and support. ❤️” –B.H.

Unconditional Love

“My Love Agent would be my mother who passed from COVID-19 last July. She showed me unconditional love and always believed in me. Now in spirit, she continues to guide me.” –S.P.

Wealth in Other Places

“Eight months ago, I packed my things and left my home to move 900 miles to a town I've never been to. In need of change and hungry for adventure. With a promising job lined up, I comfortably coasted my way up to Oregon, enjoying the breeze while acclimating to this new life before starting work... so I thought. Yet, not all things are as they seem, and expectations didn't become reality. The job I thought I had secured, evaporated without explanation. On my own, in a new place, away from my parents, and far from my five siblings – I was devastated.

For weeks, I sank in feelings of defeat with fear of not being able to get back on my feet mentally and financially. Feelings of disappointment inevitably surfaced causing me to distance myself from my whole family entirely. Until one day, I received a package in the mail: a box full of house supplies, family photos, and loving notes of encouragement. A box that my family had put together for me. Little reminders that I wasn't alone, and this was just another bump in the road. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

My family is my Love Agent. They have shown me unconditional love and support, despite the many miles apart. They have fueled me to get up from the ground and to not stop trying till I was living up to my fullest potential. They have taught me that love is free... Because, even when I was down to my last dollar, I was able to feel wealth in other places.” –M.N.

Letter to My 20-Year-Old Self

“Dear Jennifer, be not afraid for next year you’ll lose your father to cancer. Your dad – so strong and capable, handsome and charming. A lover of nature, literature, and all things Irish. He taught you to dance, to sing – to run. Thanks to him you had the best form on the boys’ cross country team – coach said!

Your childhood felt happy yet a cloud of darkness from his substance abuse will color your adult life. Your father, the first man you ever loved, wasn’t perfect and struggled with addiction. He didn’t receive the help he so desperately needed. The decades ahead may prove painful for you. You’ll feel resentment, hurt, anguish yet with time you’ll grow wiser, stronger, more compassionate. You’ll learn how to bring love and healing to others especially those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. You’ll gain incredible strength and tenacity through this challenge. You always knew he loved you – his only daughter in a house full of sons. One day when you learn the power of true forgiveness – you’ll feel that enduring bond of love with him again, too.” –J.C.

Ultimate Love

“My family got to welcome a new baby girl into our lives just over a week ago, and once again I was reminded just how amazing our bodies are, and the wave of adrenaline and emotions that love provides. I believe there is truly nothing else on the planet that can give you that feeling of ultimate love. Watching my wife give birth to our baby girl, and getting to hold her for the first time, brought everything back into perspective for me and reminded me of what truly matters in this world.” - A.N.

Without a Second Thought

“My Love Agent is my mother-in-law. She is the stereotypical grandma: warm, loving, and spoiling everyone in the family as often as she can. Any time our family faces challenges - whether it be a death, health scare, or a last-minute need of a dog sitter - she jumps in to help without ever giving it a second thought. She quickly welcomed me into the family and treats me as if I'm one of her own kids, and she does the same thing with everyone's spouses and partners. I feel very lucky to have a second mother and a true Love Agent in her!” –M.S.

Love So Pure

“My single dad friend has a 4-year-old son. I was babysitting him two weeks ago and there was a fruit fly in the kitchen. I stopped and said how did that bug get into the house. He said it’s not his house. I said no it’s your dad’s and your house. He said it also your house because you are family. My ❤️ was so grateful in that moment to have felt a love so pure.” –S.S.

The Luckiest Man

“My wife Cherilyn is my Love Agent. Now in our 50s, we have always been there for each other. Me for her and she for me, enjoying all of life's blissful moments and propping each other up through painful losses. Our love has been through many, many complexities over the years. Complexities that would break many bonds. And yet she has never wavered. Her friendship, support, and love have remained ever-present. We celebrate 30 years together in less than two months and I still consider myself the luckiest man for getting to spend my life with her.” –J.C.

More Love Agents

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