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Making Love Sustainable

Kink 101 with Author and Activist Tristan Taormino | S1:E8
  • 2 min read
Reid Mihalko, a Sex and Relationship Educator and known as "America's favorite sex geek", joins Wendy to discuss a letter from a "Me Too" man. They talk about Reid's own Accountability Process, discuss what restorative justice might look like in this context, and whose voices should be centered in this kind of work.
  • 2 min read
The year after I lost my son, I felt moved to return to podcasting. It had been years since my first forays into podcasting – originally under shows like “The Opening Door” and “Lunch with the Loveologist” – and I had fond memories of learning during those early days. In such tough times, I felt called to do something that would bring the joy of real conversations and open dialogues about important questions.
  • 3 min read