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Making Love Sustainable

It's Women's History Month, a time when we commemorate the powerful history-making women on whose shoulders we stand. But, there is one remarkable woman whose name has slipped through the history books.

  • 4 min read
About eight years ago, I began my own self-directed study of positive psychology, even writing a daily blog called The Positivity Quest (and multiple other iterations over the years). It was a public commitment that kept me going and taught me what practices created the space for more positive thinking to happen in my brain.
  • 3 min read
This month, we are proud to support an organization working on hunger relief in our local community: FOOD For Lane County works with more than 150 agencies in and around Eugene, Ore., where our company is headquartered.
  • 2 min read
I have been writing the Making Love Sustainable column for close to two decades. It is kind of like a living, public diary to what it means to me to love, to lose those we love, to be present, to be kind, and to be grateful.
  • 3 min read

It's that time of year again when we are all faced with finding the perfect gift for someone we love. This year, I've gathered a handful of my very favorite and treasured recommendations that any loved one would appreciate. 

  • 4 min read
Sometimes it's hard to see how our individual choices can impact the biggest issues we are facing – and how our voice can be heard in a world driven by mega, "meta" corporations who control our personal data in ways that we never truly agreed to.
  • 2 min read
We are proud to donate to Vital Voices’ Afghan Women's Fund this month. Vital Voices is a global partnership investing in women leaders who are solving the world’s greatest challenges – from gender-based violence to the climate crisis, economic inequities, and more.
  • 1 min read
Life feels better when we notice the love that is all around us. When times are tough, love is one of those things that keep us going. These recent times have been difficult and stressful for all of us as a collective as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s safe to say that love is needed now more than ever in our world.
  • 6 min read